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Lifecam Studio 1080P USB Microscope Lens MOD Kit
  • Lifecam Studio 1080P USB Microscope Lens MOD Kit

Lifecam Studio 1080P USB Microscope Lens MOD Kit

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Video usage guide: http://youtu.be/BevER1PYGe8

This Lens kit is used for modification of the 1080P Microsoft Lifecam Studio includes the following items:

1. Tailer made megapixel lens, edge to edge sharpness

2. Professional disassembly rod, the rod hardness is fine tuned to not damage the subject.

3. 3M high friction stronge tape.

After try many <USD200 USB "megapixel" microscope(all are fake megapixel, vga sensor interpolated image actually) in ebay, none is acceptable.

I decided to mod one myself and uses sensor from famous brand. The quality and stability is superior and guarantee. Originally, this kind of device is only for industry use and sell for thousands of dollar.

* 15cm working distance
* 1080P 30fps video, object size is 31mm(1920 pixel) x 17mm(1080 pixel) at 15cm working distance
* Equipped with tailer made megapixel lens, edge to edge sharpness
* UVC compatible, no driver is needed in windows 7 for 1080P operation
* True hardware 1920*1080 pixel high quality non-interpolate Large CMOS sensor

 Demonstration video:



The first video demonstrate the motion quality of the microscope, most usb camera only capable of static quality, when the object is moving, serious motion blur will happen and it is not good for real time smt soldering.

The second video demonstrate the depth of field of the microscope, the PCB is 45 degree to the table. The XMOS chip is 10x10mm, using triangle formula the DOF is >10mm which is unbeliveable huge for this kind of device

*The mp4 file is direct capture using virtualdub and recompress using sony vegas to mp4 at 16Mbps.

*The raw video capture is already mpjeg compress but it is still very large 100MB=5 second. It is available below for people need to examine the video quality seriously


Attention: This is a product for diyer to enjoy, most people can success but some can fail. If you are just looking for working High quality 1080P USB Microscope, we have fully assembly is available at http://www.diyinhk.com/shop/home/48-1080p-smt-microscope.html