XH Cable 25cm AWG22
  • XH Cable 25cm AWG22

XH Cable 25cm AWG22

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Cable color: Orange Black
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JST-XH type connector cable 25cm AWG22, AWG20, 0.3mm2

orange - black (common use for 3.3V GND)

yellow - black - blue (common use for +V GND -V)

red - black (common use for 5.0V GND)

We just noted that the quality of most preassembly xh cable in the retail market cable always varies.

The wire construction and measured mohm will be tested.

High quality cable used for power transfer reduces voltage fluctuation due to wire resistance and sound quality can be improved.

Specification update: 

202106 update

Red/black cable new version on sale, 0.3mm2, Strands 16/0.15mm2 OFC 99.99%(non-tinned)  ROHS PVC

25cm length = 20mOhm(red/black) include jst-xh type socket contact resistance

before 2021:

wire are labelled as 20AWG, Tinned copper wire (Strands 22 Conductor)

25CM length = 23mOhm(red/orange/blue/yellow) 30mOhm(black) include xh contact resistance

before 2019:

wire are labelled as 22AWGTinned copper wire (Strands 16 Conductor)

25CM length = 30mOhm(red/orange/blue/yellow) 40mOhm(black) include xh contact resistance