PCM1794A 24bit Audio DAC PCB kit
  • PCM1794A 24bit Audio DAC PCB kit
  • PCM1794A 24bit Audio DAC PCB kit

PCM1794A 24bit Audio DAC PCB kit

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PCB option: Bare PCB without DAC chip and components
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PCM1794A is the flagship DAC from Texas Instruments, it produces many well known ADC and DAC chips in the professional audio recording market.

This item includes our latest verison PCB with PCM1794A chip soldered, no other component included.

The second photo shows an example connection with our USB to I2S PCB and output to our headphone AMP, the middle DAC board can be ES9018(GREEN) PCM1794A(BLUE) or AK4399(RED)

All component are layout with hybrid soldering pads for thru-hole and SMT component to increase diyer flexibility.

The schematic and BOM is printed directly on the PCB for diyer easier to assembly.

The top layer is a solid ground plane and it follows the official demo circuit for ultimate audio performance.

It is a product for diyer to enjoy, there are unlimited possibility.

The PCB layout and circuit is improving from time to time, latest version of the PCB will be shipped.

PCM1794A datasheet and official demo circuit is available to all buyer.


This item is in limited stock, buyer can buy one pcb kit each time. Please contact us if you want to buy more than one, thanks.

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