2.42 inch 128x64 pixel I2C/SPI OLED Panel Maximize

2.42 inch 128x64 pixel I2C/SPI OLED Panel

  • PCB with 2.42 inch White OLED panel
  • PCB only(NO OLED panel)
  • PCB with 2.42 inch Yellow OLED panel


For the orange color panel, although the image look like yellow but it look like orange color in real world.

This 2.42 OLED panel can be directly connected to our XMOS PCB with onboard 1V0 DC-DC convertor. i.e. the new xcore200 384k xmos pcb and isolated 768k xmos pcb.

It can also be used with the new 768k(1W) noisolated XMOS PCB.

For the original 768k noisolated xmos PCB and multichannel xmos pcb, as they are using 1v0 linear regulator, please supply the OLED PCB with external power as the following notes.


The XMOS PCB version using linear 1V0 regulator is not stable(random restart) if this large 2.42inch OLED PCB draw all the logic and display power directly from the I2C 4pin header. (it has no problem when used with xmos pcb version using 1V0 DCDC regulator)

Solution 1:

Remove J2 and use dedicated 3.3V to supply the display power.

Solution 2:

Short the choke on the 0.8uV regulator PCB as the item image to avoid choke overheat.

Solution 3:

Supply all the OLED digital and display power externally. i.e. connect only 3pin GND SCL SDA to the I2C header on the XMOS PCB. As J2 is used to connect between the digital and display 3.3V, user can supply one dedicated 3.3V only to VCC and it can power both digital and display section. For this arrangement, as the OLED PCB is needed to initialize by i2c command from the xmos pcb during startup. Therefore, the oled digital 3.3V must start before or in the same time as of the XMOS PCB.


1. Size: 83mm x 42mm

2. The mounting hole center is 3mm from the pcb edge with 3mm hole diameter.

3. compatiable to 3.3V logic signal level only

This item is in limited stock, maximum 2pcs per buyer. Please contact us if you want to buy more than 2, thanks.

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2.42 inch 128x64 pixel I2C/SPI OLED Panel

2.42 inch 128x64 pixel I2C/SPI OLED Panel

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