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True 1080P High quality microscope for SMT soldering
  • True 1080P High quality microscope for SMT soldering

True 1080P High quality microscope for SMT soldering

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*True 1080P HD Sensor
*15cm working distance
*Megapixel lens

Aluminum Stand: Compact(8*15cm ~500g)
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ATTENTION: Be careful of stolen item on the internet/ebay. There is people bought this item, asking for full refund but refuse to return, and resell it on the internet/ebay.

Please notes: This is not a cheap VGA(interpolated fake megapixel) usb microscope and loose plastic stand commonly sell on ebay, it is based on the top of line Microsoft lifecam studio hardware 1080P USB camera and aluminum/steel stand with precision height adjustment

The Best USB Microscope/Magnifier for realtime precision hand SMT soldering at 1920*1080 30fps (hardware non-interpolate) is finally here!

* 15cm working distance
* 1080P 30fps video, object size is 31mm(1920 pixel) x 17mm(1080 pixel) at 15cm working distance
* Equipped with tailer made megapixel lens, edge to edge sharpness
* UVC compatible, no driver is needed in windows 7 for 1080P operation
* True hardware 1920*1080 pixel high quality non-interpolate Large CMOS sensor
* Aluminum/steel stand with precision height adjustment

Demonstration video:



The first video demonstrate the motion quality of the microscope, most usb camera only capable of static quality, when the object is moving, serious motion blur will happen and it is not good for real time smt soldering.

The second video demonstrate the depth of field of the microscope, the PCB is 45 degree to the table. The XMOS chip is 10x10mm, using triangle formula the DOF is >10mm which is unbeliveable huge for this kind of device

*The mp4 file is direct capture using virtualdub and recompress using sony vegas to mp4 at 16Mbps.

*The raw video capture is already mjpeg compress but it is still very large 100MB=5 second. It is available below for people need to examine the video quality seriously


Diyer can now watch on their high resolution computer monitor(2560*1440 is recommended) and soldering in realtime, no delay.
Precision hand SMT soldering is an easy job even for beginner now.
Originally, this kind of device is only for industry use and sell for thousands dollar.
With our custom solution, you can get it at 1/10 price now!

1) Plug in the USB camera, Windows 7 will detect it automatically and no driver is needed to install.
2) Download the latest version of Virtualdub from the Virtualdub offical web site freely. Extract the files to your favourite directory, double click VirtualDub.exe to run.
3) Choose File > Capture AVI to enter the capture mode
4) Choose Device > Lifecam Studio to select the active device
5) Choose Video > Capture pin (Set Frame Rate:30, Compression:MJPEG, Output Size:1920x1080)
6) Use the aluminum/steel stand precision height adjustment to set the focus on the object

1) Choose File > set capture file (select the save directory and enter the capture filename)
2) Choose Audio (disable audio, untick "Enable Audio Capture" and "Enable Audio Playback")
3) Choose Capture > Capture video (The capture is started, the capture status is displayed in the lower right corner)
4) Capturing at 1080P file is very big ~1000MegaBytes for 1 minute, it is already MJPEG compressed. If your computer is not fast enough, the video will have frame lost, slow motion and many unknown problem.

1) Computer with fast cpu(Quad Core+) and fast display card(Nvidia GTX 590+) is needed and Monitor with 2560*1440+ resolution(Dell U2711) is recommended for watching 1080p video using virtualdub in realtime. The video is 1920*1080 pixel, Windows task bar and the Virtualdub application menu requires additional pixel space to display. A fast harddisk is also needed if capturing at 1080p resolution video is needed. The video will have serious lag if the computer is not fast enough to play 1080p video in real time from the usb 2.0 port. It's like playing Blu-ray Disc in the previous generation computer which do play DVD well.
2) Rotate the aluminum/steel stand bottom to the opposite side and place a heavy item(such as solder) on it to balance the weight. You will get the largest soldering area in the front side.
3) Point the camera with a little angle to the object can avoid the direct vertical reflection from the LED to the image.
4) The background exposure will always follow the object's color composition to change in auto exposure mode(default). If you want a stable exposure of image/video over scene, advanced user can tweak the setting under Video > Capture filter. Under no room lighting interference condition, use manual setting white balance 5000K, exposure -9 should gives an optimal image.
5) The Lens is fixed with precision fixture and screw with threadlock glue directly on the PCB for maximum stability. It is not interchangeable. Don't try to turning it out and it will broken the internal PCB immediately.
6) Don't try to use alcohol or other liquid to clean the lens, it can damage the lens coating permanently. If it's necessary, use lens paper or lens tissue from photo store only.

1) A fresh install of Windows 7 can always solve unknown problem. 3rd party or old USB camera driver can affect the capture pin options and the device operation in virtualdub.
2) Connect the USB camera directly to the back of the computer on the motherboard is recommended. The device is streaming a large amount of data over the USB port at 1080P resolution. If other USB device is sharing the same USB port with hub or other 3rd party software/driver problem, the video can be interference or stopped. You can try to replug and reset the device by select Device > Lifecam Studio again or reboot the computer.
3) Turn on the built-in LED and use manual exposure can always solve video quality problem. The video is graininess and will have motion blur as well as slow motion if the room lighting is not enough in auto exposure mode. But the anti-flicker is off in manual exposure mode, it is recommended to use electronic control gear to all fluorescent lamp in the room for flicker free image.
4) The microscope is designed to work in indoor lighting condition. The image sensor can be disturbed and wrong color will be displayed if direct sunlight or infrared light behind.
5) If your computer is not fast enough to stream video at the maximum 30fps 1920*1080 pixel resolution, the video would stop and play occasionally. User can try to set at lower frame rate 20fps 1920*1080pixel. The different is small for normal usage.

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