Header pin for SOIC to DIP Convert PCB
  • Header pin for SOIC to DIP Convert PCB
  • Header pin for SOIC to DIP Convert PCB
  • Header pin for SOIC to DIP Convert PCB

Header pin for SOIC to DIP Convert PCB

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~Includes 20 pieces 8pin(in 50pin x 4pcs) / 1.27mm spacing / 0.46x0.46mm square pin for used with our soic to dip pcb, PCB not included available separately~

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Everybody is asking for shorter trace for highest quality audio around the internet

This is our new solution to it, 0.8+1mm total thickness is achieved!

The best quality SOIC-8 to DIP-8 Adapter!

Assembly Tips:

1. Push and remove the 1.27mm spacing 8 pin to become 2.54mm spacing 4 pin.

2. The shorter side of the header pin is soldering to the PCB.

3. Uses bread board and IC socket to fix the parts for soldering easily.

Important notes: Test each point to avoid short circuit before plug in the main circuit.

** This GOLD PLATED version especially suitable for the DIYER Audio Equipments upgrade modifications. ***

Why Choose US?
All adapter available in the market has serious quality and design fault.
You can simply search the web to see how those so call professional design are terrible.
1. unnecessary via (inductance problem in the signal path)
2. long and parallel copper trace routing (interference and signal degrade problem)
3. narrow and thin copper trace (small current tranfer limit)
4. traces direct underneath each other on two side of the board (capacitance problem)


Replace all your current soic to dip adapter NOW and see the different!

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