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384kHz/32Bit PCM5102A DAC, I2S input, Ultra Low Noise Regulator
  • 384kHz/32Bit PCM5102A DAC, I2S input, Ultra Low Noise Regulator

384kHz/32Bit PCM5102A DAC, I2S input, Ultra Low Noise Regulator

  • new version using new ultralow noise regulator and input voltage 4-5.5V

Full of Detail Sound

This item includes PCB with all SMT component soldered, thru-hole component are not soldered.


1) 384KHz/32Bit PCM5102A DAC Chip (Market-leading Low Ouf-of-Band Noise from Texas Instrument and support loads down to 1kΩ)

2) Low noise linear power regulator (use of decade old LM317/1117 regulator is kidding for audiophile)

3) Prefect solid ground plane (a must for high speed digital circuit)

4) No Via in active circuit (via inductance always create jitter problem)

5) 0.1% Low noise thin film resistor and C0G Capacitor sourced from Digikey USA (guarantee no fake product from China)

6) Gold plate I2S input connector and six GND return path dedicated for each I2S signal(lowest contact resistance and highest signal quality)

7) With Low Latency Filter selectable, De-emphasis on/off control, and pre-allocated space for diyier to install extra low ESR Tantalum capacitor for each DAC power supply pin.

8)Diyer can easily tune for their favourite sound with other passive Low pass filter RC combination with the pre-allocated 5mm lead space film capacitor footprint space

9) Can connect to our XMOS USB to I2S module directly

10) Compact size 50mm x 50mm

11) PCM5102A Integrated High-Performance Audio PLL can Generate MCK Internally with BCK as reference. i.e. i2s only need three wire bck, lck and data to connect when used with source without MCK such as Raspberry Pi.



2) Output level: 2.1V RMS

3) Resolution/Sampling Rate: Up to 32bit/384KHz

4) Supply: Regulated or Unregulated 4-5.5Vdc/48mA+output loading

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