Reference Classic 7805 78M33 regulator PCB
  • Reference Classic 7805 78M33 regulator PCB

Reference Classic 7805 78M33 regulator PCB

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  • Unbelievable price!
  • Limited amount Imperfect PCB(under our strict standard)
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  • 6 individual rail Classic 78xx regulator
  • This PCB can be easily break into three piece
  • Standard 78xx regulator circuit follow the official datasheet to achieve reference class performance
  • Output includes LED to fulfill the 5mA minimum current loading requirement of 78xx regulator
  • Output protection diode is also included on the PCB.
  • Each rail include four 1A 1N4007 diode in full bridge recifier configuration for AC input.
  • This PCB includes all SMT component as show in the item image, thruhole component is not included
  • Other 78xx voltage option such as LM7812 LM7815 can also be used, but the current limit resistor of the output LED must be also increased.
  • PCB Size 40mm*90mm three pieces joined in 1mm breakable spacing


Notes for unbelieveable price(impefect pcb under our strict standard):
1. The output hole originally designed for JST XH socket is too tight to install. (standard 2.54mm pin can still be installed and 5mm spacing output is also available)
2. The AC input trace to the diode on the bottom left cornor(as show in the image) is too narrow for normal usage.(user must add redundant jumper wire to increase the current capability on this path)

*Limited amount, max. 3 pcs each customer