Laing DDC water pump 10W repair PCB w/LED MCP350
  • Laing DDC water pump 10W repair PCB w/LED MCP350
  • Laing DDC water pump 10W repair PCB w/LED MCP350

Laing DDC water pump 10W repair PCB w/LED MCP350

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*PCB color is varies depend on current stock.

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This is SANYO motor driver PCB for Laing 10W DDC pump "black rotor" version. Diyer only need to solder 12 copper wire connection in correct orientation(double check correct orientation and no short circuit before connect power) and the pump work immediately. A video installation guide is available in youtube.

*2018 new version already include onboard SMT LED soldered(the pcb also includes soldering pad for through hole LED for user easily install other color LED)

(2012 version is bundled with 4 blue LED(through-hole component) on separate circuit in the same PCB.)

  DIYINHK Sanyo PCB Laing Original PCB
Startup delay 0.1s >1s
Water leak protection yes(restart after dry) no(burn immidiately)
Overheat protection yes(restart after cool down) no(burn immidiately)
Total component count 9(simple reliable) >30(unnecessary complex)
Copper thickness 2oz double layer for best heat dissipation no
PCB design no via in driver line for maximum power transfer many via



Q: Is this PCB mod the same performance as the famous Swiftech MCP350?
A: Yes.
This Sanyo PCB is also quieter than those use original Laing PCB. Our test shows that the pump is die silent after change to EK or XSPC top. The Japanese SANYO motor controller use a more advance algorithm to drive the pump silent and better water flow performance than the original.

Q: Can I use this with a custom DDC top?
A: Yes, but the custom heatsink must also be install. It is free for every customer share their success modding experience in the internet. Simply sent us the URL address, it can be blog, forum post, or personal review site. We will ship the custom heatsink to you for free.
(Attention: The LED leg and soldering joint thickness must below 1.5mm to avoid PCB short circuit by the heatsink)