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XMOS 192kHz high-quality USB to isolated reclock SPDIF with ultralow noise 0.8uV regulator
  • XMOS 192kHz high-quality USB to isolated reclock SPDIF with ultralow noise 0.8uV regulator

XMOS 192kHz high-quality USB to isolated reclock SPDIF with ultralow noise 0.8uV regulator

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  • NDK NZ2520SDA Ultra low phase noise oscillator
  • LT3045 Ultralow noise 0.8uV regulator
  • New DXIO PRO3Z uses the latest XMOS XCORE-200 XU216-512, it is equal to Two XU208 in One chip.
  • 4+2 layer PCB = total 6 layer PCB
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XMOS 192kHz USB Type-C to isolated reclock SPDIF device with ultralow noise 0.8uV regulator and gold plated RCA connector in high-quality aluminium housing

This is the best USB to SPDIF for audiophile to enjoy.


1) The XMOS used in this pcb is XU216 2000MIPS and it contains two tile. It is equal to two XU208 combined in one silicon chip, one dedicated tile is used for the USB data and the other tile is dedicated to process the audio data to the DAC. XU216-512 includes 4x more ram than xu208-128, 8x more ram than U8/U6.

2) C0G AC coupling capacitor (All SPDIF output equipment requires AC coupling capacitor to avoid the isolated transformer saturated by DC bias component, if no grey color(C0G) capacitor is found in the PCB, that SPDIF equipment can be considered as low end)

3) Ultralow phase noise NDK NZ2520SDA oscillator, thin film resistor and Murata isolated transformer (Be care the very common China made Pulse transformer in many 192khz SPDIF equipment is only capable of maximum 7Mbps(i.e. 96khz) according to the official datasheet.) Components are sourced from NDK and digikey directly (guarantee no fake product from China)

4) 0.8uVrms Ultralow noise linear power regulator (use of decade old LM317/1117 regulator is kidding for audiophile)

5) 4+2 layer PCB = total 6 layer PCB, Solid ground plane (a must for high speed digital circuit)

6) No Via in active circuit (via inductance always create jitter problem)

7) Compact size 60mmx 90mm x 25mm

8) This device can be USB powered(nonisolated mode) or manual switch to external power 5-6V(isolated mode). The external power socket uses the most common plugs size 5.5 mm (0.22 in) outside diameter. Please notes any modification void item warranty

No drivers needed for MAC OS version 10.6.4  and above
No drivers installation required for Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel
ASIO/KS/WASAPI/Direct Sound drivers for Windows 7 to 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Fully featured Thesycon driver package (without 30 min. periodic beeps)

Windows 7/8/10 Driver is available to download from our website:

*Latest version of Windows 10 already includes built-in USB audio driver, this device can be used immediately without installation of any driver.

Driver V4.11 for Windows 7/8/10:

V4.11 for device after 2018-02 (PID2009)

V4.11 for device before 2018-02 (PID3072)

Driver V4.13 for Windows 10 only:

V4.13 for device after 2018-02 (PID2009)

V4.13 for device before 2018-02 with (PID3072)

*USB2.0 is a must for 192kHz operation
*Use a fresh install of windows and a dedicated USB port always avoid problem and run stable

Usage detail:

The device is seperated into two section internally. 
When the switch on the usb side, two section is connected, both section is supplied by the usb power.

When the switch on the external power side, the internal mechnic relay is triggered and two section is totally seperated physically.
In this mode, the xmos chip is powered by usb, the isolated section includes the low noise audio oscillator and reclock circuit is supplied by the external power. The isolated section uses very little power only tenth mA.

If the user wants good power supply, the easiest way is using 5-6x1.5V ordinary AA battery in series. 
The common power bank is using dcdc convertor and it is designed for phone charges, the power is very noisy. Audiophile should not uses it as a power source.

Our product do not have useless beautiful manual and packing, user are interesting on it's technical advantage which is not commonly availabe in the general market.

This item is in limited stock, maximum 2pcs per buyer. Please contact us if you want to buy more than 2, thanks.

OEM are welcome, please contact us for volume pricing.

*This item may required 1-2 week to ship, it is built and tested one by one, we do not keep large stock of this item.

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